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Environmental Policy

(ISO 14001:2004 certified)

Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. is the world's first successful zero-liquid effluent pulp mill. We produce totally chlorine-free, high yield mechanical pulp. Our goal is to enhance our position as an internationally competitive and sustainable business while minimizing any impact on the environment.

We are committed to:

-Meeting the requirements of all applicable environmental laws, regulations, standards, and voluntary programs;

-Continuously improving our management systems, technologies and processes to identify environmental aspects and to minimize their impacts with respect to air emissions, accidental discharge, waste management and resource consumption;

-Setting measurable objectives and maintaining reliable processes for tracking our environmental performance

-Maintaining open communication with our employees, the public, our customers and regulators.

We believe that to protect and sustain our environment for future generations to enjoy is the responsibility of every person and is an integral part of the way we conduct our business.

MS-07 Environmental Policy

Quality Policy

(ISO 9001:2008 Certified)

Our goal at Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. is to enhance our position as an internationally competitive and sustainable market pulp mill by providing consistent quality pulp that meets the requirements of our customers.

In conducting our business we shall:

  • Meet applicable legislation, certifications, industry standards, and other requirements including those of our customers.
  • Ensure our pulp meets customer quality specifications.
  • Ensure the documentation, packaging, transportation and delivery of our pulp meets customer requirements.
  • Produce pulp in an efficient, cost-competitive manner, and use resources effectively.
  • Continually improve the effectiveness of our management system and processes.
  • Resolve all customer inquiries or concerns.

Maintaining high expectations for product and process performance is an integral part of the way we do business.

MS-05 Quality Policy

Fibre Procurement:

Chain of Custody Certified:

PEFC ® 2572

FSC ® COC-001010

MS-06 Fibre Procurement Policy

MS 67 - DDS public summary V2.1 - submitted to KPMG Dec 12.docx

MS-15 Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work Declaration

MS-32 Company Controlled Wood Risk Assessment MLMP V8_KPMG APPROVED

To view MLMP's Product Group List, please contact MLMP at the email address below.

Health & Safety:

Meadow Lake Mechanical Pulp Inc. is committed to protecting its employees, contractors, visitors, and facility from harm or loss.

We will provide and maintain a safe work environment by implementing accepted industry practices, and by compliance with Saskatchewan OH&S legislation.

We will constantly strive to identify and eliminate hazards or substandard conditions that lead to illness, injuries, or damage to property and assets.

ALL employees are responsible to report any hazard or substandard condition immediately so long-term corrective action can be put in place. It is also each employee's responsibility to take any necessary steps to identify and isolate known hazards to ensure short-term prevention of injury and damage.

ALL employees are expected to support and participate in our health and safety program, and to perform their functions according to our established guidelines, procedures, and training.

Contractors and sub-contractors must also comply with, and support, our occupational health and safety program.

MS-04 Safety Policy

Concerns and inquiries related to ISO and Chain of Custody can be registered by sending an email to info@meadowlakepulp.com











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